From the author:

From the Author:

I will not introduce myself.
I will not ask "How do?"
I will not wave, I will not bow,
Or shake a hand with you.

For I am not polite, my friend;
I have no social grace.
Like you, I have no manners,
And I never learned my place.

Instead I'll write a poem
And I'll put myself in verse,
And if you like the sound of me,
Well, THEN we might converse.

So read a line or two of me,
Or don't, if it's a chore,
But since you've read fifteen of me
I bet you'll read one more.

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Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to School

With binders and rulers and pens,
September has risen again.
The binders are binding,
The rulers are ruling,
The pens are confining,
The summer is cooling;
It's time to go schooling, my friends.
We're booked and we're bagged;
We're all of us tagged
And never untagged again.
Keep running, keep chasing,
Keep writing, erasing;
We're in it to finish, my friends:
We're gonna to get out;
We'll figure it out
With binders and rulers and pens.