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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Zombie Land

Early in the morning 
When the sun's a zombie gray.
I wear my zombie costume
And start my zombie day.

I follow other zombie-kids
Who drag their zombie feet,
And zombie-walk along the road
To where the zombies meet.

There may be other living kids 
Within the zombie hordes,
But they're too scared to show themselves 
Before our zombie lords.

I stick my body stiff and bent 
Upon my zombie chair
And freeze my eyeballs forward
In a zombie-stricken stare.

And when the slouching zombie-kids
Undroop or lurch around,
I raise my hand and zombie-groan,
Then sit without a sound.

I sit and dream of summer days
Beneath a swelling sun.
I dream that I am free to play
In fellowship and fun.

But here I fear I'll lose my brain
Within this zombie hell.
Oh please, before I go insane,
Please ring the recess bell!


  1. what is H.E.D. oz's full name I'm doing a project about him/her please answer by 2/7/14

    1. Hi there, Haylee. H. E. D. Oz is a pseudonym. I made it up, so "H. E. D." actually stands for parts of my secret real name. Sorry I didn't see you message before February 7. I hope you had fun with your project, nevertheless. Let me know if you have any other questions.